Energy Vision selects Flexenclosure’s eSite for major hybrid power system rollout in Gabon

Developing Telecoms

Renewable energy firm Energy Vision has selected Flexenclosure for a significant eSite hybrid power system rollout in Gabon.

Energy Vision will use the eSites to power mobile telecom sites for one of the largest mobile operators in the world.  Flexenclosure is well represented with deployments across sub-Saharan Africa, but this is their first order in the central West African nation of Gabon.

Energy Vision provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly end-to-end solutions for powering telecom equipment with a focus on sites where the electricity grid is either non-existent or unreliable.  This includes all related services such as implementation, NOC, operation & maintenance and expansions.  Flexenclosure will be working closely with Energy Vision to provide equipment as well as on-site training and local implementation support during Energy Vision’s network rollout.

“Our ‘energy as a service’ business model depends entirely on implementing power solutions we can trust to deliver exceptional performance at lowest possible cost, and that our customers can trust to maintain their network uptime,” said Ofer Ahiraz, CEO, Energy Vision.  “Flexenclosure have worked with us to customise the eSites to our precise requirements and we’re confident that they are absolutely the right choice if we’re to deliver on both of these objectives.”

eSite is a hybrid power system for off-grid and bad-grid cell sites delivering 24/7 network uptime; diesel-related cost savings of up to 90 per cent; and the best sustained performance over time versus any competing hybrid power system.  The Energy Vision deployment will include 3.6kWp solar arrays.  eManager, an all-in-one toolbox for site power infrastructure management, including remote monitoring, power optimisation, KPI reporting, and site logistics, is an integral part of the product.

David King, CEO, Flexenclosure, said: “This deployment reinforces eSite’s status as the solution of choice for energy companies, tower companies and mobile operators looking for the industry’s most reliable hybrid power systems and where speed of deployment is of the essence.”

Thanks to its vast oil reserves, Gabon is one of the wealthiest nations in Africa, with GDP growth of over six per cent annually. The mobile penetration rate reached 100% in 2008 and now stands at an impressive 194% (end-2015).

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